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Marsha has enjoyed a great deal of success in her career, starting off in animation in her early years, and then transitioning into live action.  Among her clients are FOX Sports, DirecTV, The Discovery Channel, SPEED, Deportes, the Soccer Channel, Fuel TV, Disney, Warner Brothers and other companies all over the world.  As a producer, staying in touch with current trends and events in technology and popular culture has always been a priority.   Marsha’s responsibilities have also required her to deal with the press and make on camera statements.  Working with personnel and budgets has been a daily responsibility.  In addition, she is quite accustomed to the constant stress of deadlines and changing priorities.  Marsha is a creative innovator, with a dynamic, ‘make it happen’ personality.   She is always looking for a new, interesting, and exciting way to present a subject.  Marsha absolutely loves being a producer.  As a creative writer/producer/director, ‘original thinking’ has been the corner stone of her career.  Marsha’s experience, interest, and energy are perfectly designed for the future of the Entertainment Industry.

Marsha hunt
Emmy Award winning producer, writer, director
Lissa Weiss
Emmy Award winning producer

Lissa is Executive Producer of Marsha Hunt Productions, Inc. After receiving a film degree at the esteemed Ithaca College, School of Communications, Lissa launched her career at the William Morris Agency, learning the inner workings of the film and television industry.  This invaluable education led her to begin producing live action content for many well known commercial campaigns, TV shows, music videos and digital/web projects. This afforded her the opprotunity to work creatively with respected companies like; 20th Century Fox, Fox Sports, The Walt Disney Co, MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, VHI, DirecTV, Discovery, TLC, Sony and Paramount Studio, just to name a few.  Lissa’s hard work has garnered her two personal Emmy awards, as well contributing in countless Emmy Award winning Campaigns.  She is also the recipient, many times over of the prestigious BDA/Promax award. 

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